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"In all my years as a professional diver, I had never seen a tool so effective." Tomas, Melinka

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"Search no more! This is the easiest way to do it, I've tried them all." Juan, Dalcahue

"It's a pleasure to use the CaviBlaster, and all my clients are happy, too." Miguel, Puerto Montt


"It breaks concrete with no problem, this is exactly what we have been looking for." Jose, Ciudad del Carmen

"It is hard to comprehend how bubbles can remove hard fouling, but they do, you have to try the CaviBlaster." Alberto, Puerto Montt


Well-built equipment. Very easily removes any buildup of barnacles, muscles and tube worms without damaging paint or ablative coatings. Cleans wood pilings very well without flaking or damage. Company has been accessible and supportive after the sale. All in all my CaviBlaster® has been a great investment for my company.


Aaron Seal, 228-669-6371 Underwater Boat Servicing LLC.,

Mississippi Gulf Coast

We recently carried out some ship cleaning work at the Chennai Port in India. Most of our cleaning required removal of barnacles and algae from side shell plate of ship around 7 meters depth. CaviBlaster® removed the barnacles and algae leaving only barnacle stains (white marks). No damages to the hull paint with customer completely satisfied. CaviBlaster® is comfortable for handling, mobilization and working while providing complete safety for the divers using the machine underwater.



Head Office: New# 63, Old# 31, I Floor,

Armenian Street, Chennai 600001.

(Opp. Kachaleeswarar Temple)


Phone: 044-2523 2980 / 2521 0473

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