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The Safest Underwater Cleaning System

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CaviDyne LLC™

Employs a revolutionary technology known as Ultra-Cavitation

for underwater cleaning using much lower pressures than conventional equipment.

These systems are significantly more effective, efficient and ergonomic than the traditional

ones such as pressure-washers/water-blasters, or grit blasters, and they eliminate the danger associated with the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment. CaviBlaster® systems remove marine growth in significantly less time and with better results than traditional methods,

while costing less to operate.

The compact CaviBlaster® units clean steel, concrete,

wood, rubber, fiberglass or fabric, without damaging existing surfaces or

surface coatings. The more powerful CaviBlaster® models will quickly clean surfaces

to bare metal, stripping away heavy fouling and oxidation. Our biggest CaviBlaster®

is known as the ConcreteBlaster®, and is powerful enough to crush concrete.

Diver using Caviblaster in a pool


This technology is based on hydrodynamic cavitation, the process of vaporization, bubble generation and bubble implosion. The implosion that takes place during the cavitation process occurs in milliseconds, rapidly collapsing bubbles produce shock-waves that release tremendous amounts of energy that separate marine growth from the surfaces being cleaned, the safety feature of this technology is that elastic materials such as human skin easily absorb these shock-waves, at the same time the cavitating stream is significantly less dense compared to a regular pressure jet thus making the CaviBlaster® much safer for an operator and remaining very effective tool for removing marine growth.

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Our Technology is powerful enough to clean any density surface; while not inflicting  damage on painted ones. Additionally, our studies have shown that the force exerted on a diver's arm by the instrument when cleaning is comparable to that of holding a cup of coffee.

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